May, a Month of Rework and Repairs

It’s been a harsh Indian summer, high temperatures, zilch summer rains and depleted water resources. I was looking forward for a break towards the end of May as the Met department had predicted above normal monsoon, but in turn it was very disappointing and hectic.

Not often do I like to quote Murphy’s Law, but this is one month where things that had do go wrong did go wrong at both home and work.

At work, there were a series of tasks that had to be completed and all of them were reworks. It required multiple all-nighters to complete the tasks and the effect can be seen on the blog with NO posts in the last 2 weeks.

At home, there were about 5 failures, a couple of faucets decided to stop working, one of the burners of the stove refused to light up, the microwave went kaput, one of the LED TVs turned into a radio set and the water purifier died. Luckily 3 of the 5 were back up after small repairs, the LED and microwave needed to be replaced as per the service technicians.

The most disappointing of the lot was the LED TV from a so called global quality conscious brand. My CRT’s lasted for over a decade, so I was really surprised when the LED stopped displaying pictures within 2.5 years of manufacture. That was just a start, upon inspection it was found that a small part was not working. This part does not come as a standalone piece and hence the whole panel has to be replaced. That’s like replacing the TV if you take depreciation into account. But the shocker was to learn that the panel has been discontinued and is no longer in stock hence my LED was officially JUNK. It’s during such service related issues that you see the difference between a good brand and an average one. More about how I dealt with the situation in another post.

For now the pre-monsoon showers are in full swing, it’s a new season, time for rejuvenation. Enjoy the rains!


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