Financial Target 1 – 2016 Q2 Update

It’s time for the second update of my Financial Target 1 which is to build a corpus of INR 1,00,00,000 in my investment account in 4 years time. The intent is to publish the progress or even the lack of it on this blog every quarter. The corpus would then be used to generate steady passive incomes and hopefully it would be the stepping stone to financial independence or as I have coined it a ‘Self Financed Life’.


I have been investing in equities since 2008 in a small way, but since 2011 I have be an active mutual fund investor. As of today I invest around 93k a month in various mutual funds schemes.

2016 Q2 Overall Summary (Currency: INR)

  • Investment Account Balance as on 1 Apr 2016: 27,50,664
  • Investment Account Balance as on 30 June 2016: 32,57,718
  • Total Amount Invested / Withdrawn in 2016 Q2: 2,80,500
  • Unrealized Gain / Loss for 2016 Q2: 2,26,554

Portfolio Review

As there is no change in the investment strategy, the portfolio wheel remains identical to the previous quarter.P14_1Detailed Review – My Observations

The markets have been relatively better off in the past few months compared to the start of the year. Many considered the slide seen in Jan and Feb would be extended through the year. Frankly I wouldn’t have minded a down turn with a chance to buy more equity at low levels.

Although I have not been investing in Gold, the precious metal has re-bounced a bit. The overall portfolio has been up 8.2% for this quarter.


The ‘green’ worm above shows the actual status of my portfolio vs. the target ‘black’. At present its just about on par. By the year end I hope to increase my monthly investments by at least 10%.

There is still a long way to go and the next update would be in October 2016.

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