About the Self Financed Life

Earning, spending and the career rat race is a vicious cycle. You work to earn, then spend and then work again, this goes on for years and years. In order to earn better you need to grow your career, and with everyone around you wanting the same pie, this forces you to do strange things which you wish not to. Being Financially Independent or having a ‘Self Financed Life’ lets you focus on more important things in life, you start to appreciate how valuable your life is.

Hi, I am Santhosh, although my full time work is enjoyable, not sure how long I can continue with the regular grind. I would like to spend more quality time with my family, hence over the last year or two I have had some thoughts on an exit plan, but for that I ought to be financially free.

Good news is that the initial groundwork has been laid which is posted here . Through this blog I would provide my detailed plan on how I intend to be financially independent and monitor it on a regular basis.

Why a blog? I could have done the same using a pen and a diary. Well it’s more a means to motivate myself, network with peers with a similar mindset, get some advice and hopefully someday this blog would motivate others to follow suit.

I welcome you to support me on this journey to a ‘Self Financed Life’.