Financial Target 1 – 2016 Q2 Update

It’s time for the second update of my Financial Target 1 which is to build a corpus of INR 1,00,00,000 in my investment account in 4 years time. The intent is to publish the progress or even the lack of it on this blog every quarter. The corpus would then be used to generate steady passive incomes and hopefully it would be the stepping stone to financial independence or as I have coined it a ‘Self Financed Life’. Continue reading “Financial Target 1 – 2016 Q2 Update”

May, a Month of Rework and Repairs

It’s been a harsh Indian summer, high temperatures, zilch summer rains and depleted water resources. I was looking forward for a break towards the end of May as the Met department had predicted above normal monsoon, but in turn it was very disappointing and hectic.

Not often do I like to quote Murphy’s Law, but this is one month where things that had do go wrong did go wrong at both home and work. Continue reading “May, a Month of Rework and Repairs”

Focus on Salary Increase

Salary Increase

For a salaried individual, it is really important to focus on the year on year raise. Most of the time we get an average raise despite our best performance. A few years of average raise can translate into additional years of work before which we can lead a ‘Self Financed Life’. Over the last decade, I could manage an annualised increase of 20%, which is not too good nor bad, but I could have a lot more in the initial stages to grow faster. Its always necessary to maximise our salaries at every given opportunity. Instead we sometimes get caught up in how others are doing especially our colleagues. Continue reading “Focus on Salary Increase”

Transition from a Saver to an Investor

Target Saving - Self Financed Life

If you’re reading this, then I’m sure you are an individual who tries hard to earn and save more. For an average person, this basic mode or logic is inbuilt. What we do with our savings is a different story, some accumulate for the rainy days, some invest, some splurge, some pay-off debt, some spend wisely, some donate,.. the list is endless. Continue reading “Transition from a Saver to an Investor”

Luck, Intuition and Knowledge, Powerful Trio While Investing

Luck, Intuition, Knowledge while Investing

Anyone who has invested their money would surely say they have had good and bad times. Quite often we focus on the things that went wrong and then either stay away or be over cautious while investing in the future. Learning from the positives and negatives and incorporating better practices makes a good investor. Apart from the learning’s, two other factors that every investor can use more of is Luck and Intuition. Continue reading “Luck, Intuition and Knowledge, Powerful Trio While Investing”